Salary and living area advice


I am relocating to London from Singapore with my wife and 2 y/o next year for work. I will be on some type of work visa but not sure of the category yet. I've been offered a base of 110K annually. Our office is near St. Paul's and many people have recommended that we live in the Surrey area as it's not difficult to travel to work and also easy to get to the airport as I will be traveling a lot and won't be going to the office daily. I have a few questions regarding our relocation.

1. I am reading that this is probably a good salary but not sure for areas like Surrey which I understand is more expensive. What are your thoughts?
2. What areas in Surrey would you all recommend?
3. I know that there are fees such as Council Tax etc and basic utilities but are there any other things I need to know of? Estate or neighborhood fees that some areas might have etc?
4. Looking at Ofsted reports, many of the best schools are oversubscribed. What can I do to get my daughter into one of the better schools? register early etc?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.

Travelling to Surrey will cost you a lot of money on London public transport and also it will take a lot of time every day commuting like that

I would recommend North London areas Finchley and all other station up the Northern line

Very good area to live in and easier to get to by using Northern Line from Bank Station

Schools are very good for children in North London

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