Where to exchange US and Canadian Dollars?

Please message me directly if you are looking to exchange US and Canadian Dollars into Colombian pesos at a good rate.




What rates are you offering?

Hello Buddy,

How are you? Are you looking to exchange US or Canadian?

Please tell me what your rates are for both.  If you are serious and not a scammer, you can do that, can't you, based on what the current published rates are and explaining the percentage you would charge?

Sehaz :

Good morning,

Hope you are well. Definitely not a scammer, you can meet me anywhere in Bogota according to your convenience. I am aware of US and Canadian exchange rates in Colombia and trust me, they are not too attractive. All I'm saying is, I can beat their rates. US dollar for today is trading at COP 3065.00 and CAD is at 2365.00. My offer for US is 2765 and for CAD 2300. Feel free to call local exchanges in the malls, and you will know the difference.

I see that one site is today right now reporting 2770 COP for casas de cambio, more than the 2765 that you offer: … ompra.html

Another here reports 2760, just slightly less than the 2765 you offer:

I don't see any real advantage to going through an individual on an internet forum, compared to legitimate businesses with fixed physical locations licensed to operate in Colombia.  Are you licensed to operate in Colombia as a casa de cambio?

Did you forget to compare exchange rate for Canadian dollars? I can offer 2775 for US and yes I work for couple exchange agencies in Bogota on commission.

OsageArcher, i agree that I would not use and individual to exchange money.  It sounds a little bit leary to me.

Use an ATM whenever you can to obtain the current exchange rate.  I have a Creit Union back in the states and I have been able to use my Debit Card at three different bank branches here in Colombia with no problems.

Thank you for your comment. The option you mentioned for using local ATM's ( Automatic machines ) doesn't work for everyone. Sometimes you are looking for large withdrawals and ATM's here have daily withdrawing limit up to COP 600000 only and also you pay a rate difference and extra fees to withdraw money out of the ATM. I am only here to offer my service to help my fellow expats members and make myself a living. If the option of withdrawing money for ATM works best for you, that's great and please if anyone needs more information, message me directly, as it says on the forum. I will extremely appreciate that.


Enjoy your day!

Credit unions such as mine allows up $400.00 per day.  Other options is to go to the mall such as in Medellin.  Usually the exchange rate is 100,000 to 200,000 pesos below the exchange rate.

Texas Bred :

go to the mall such as in Medellin.  Usually the exchange rate is 100,000 to 200,000 pesos below the exchange rate.

C'mon Tex.

The current rate is approaching 3,100 pesos to the US dollar.  So the exchange rate cannot possibly vary by hundreds of thousands of pesos. 

Read literally, you stated that "the exchange rate" is far below "the exchange rate."

Perhaps you'd like to re-phrase what you meant in the interest of accuracy.

cccmedia in Medellín

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