Moving to Cairo with my family

Hi all,
I was offered a job in Cairo (a two-year contract). I lived in Egypt for a year in the past (I studied there a decade ago) and enjoyed my time there, but now, my personal situation is quite different as my husband and our 18-month-old baby girl would be moving with me.
So I am asking myself many questions, and would really need some advice/information:
We would like to live in Maadi. What would be the average rental prices for a two-bedroom apartment?
We would also like to find an English (or French) speaking nursery not too far from where we live. Any suggestion/information would be very helpful.
What about paediatricians or children hospitals nearby?

Thank you in advance for your help!


Hi Magali,

Welcome to the forum  :)

Here are some leads : Cost of living in Egypt - 2017

For the rest, i leave it to members to guide you.

All the best,

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