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What's the best "...value for money furniture store..." in muscat, Oman for a middle-class expat?

I see many advertisements and names but I'm looking for personal experiences.

I'm  planning to purchase  six seater sofas, king sized beds, centre tables, wardrobes, dining table and the other normal stuff a middle class family would need.

Though I'm looking for new furniture, good deals on used furniture and ALL good sources are most welcome.

Thanks in advance for your time and response

Hi Subu123,

Home Center is good. So is Fahmy Furnitures.

If you are based in / going to be based in Muscat, it wouldn't take much time for you to personally drop by the malls and the hypermarkets and find out what suits you the best.

Alternately, you could look at the used buy and sell websites which are doing a brisk business in Oman, especially now, with plane loads of expatriates are heading back home - for good. Look at the Times of Oman to know these sites.

Try checking out at Teejan Furnishing in Al Khuwair. They are running a sale there now.

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