Plug socket adaptor on Sundays??

I ordered speakers, but they came with EU two prong plugs. As you know, here we use British style 3 prong. Classic Malta in itself - but I'm having a hard time tracking down a plug adaptor.

Had been hoping to use the speakers this weekend but really no idea today.

Is anywhere open that may stock these?

Quite often Lidl have them, simply because a lot of the electrical items they sell are 2 pin plugs. Open till 1.00 Sunday I believe. Also most supermarkets.


Smart supermarket (Birkirkara) is open on Sundays and definitely has them

Thanks guys! I had a brief walk on the sea front near Manoel Island and found a place! Good to know for the other supermarkets, at least for the Sunday mornings!

Trollies Qawra usually have them in stock upstairs.

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