Hello, I'm Charles

Hello everyone,

I am a professional pilot and real estate investor. I'm currently living in Texas but am interested in emerging markets. Colombia seems to be reinventing itself after the dark years in the drug trade. I am intrigued and would like to meet people living there and learn more of the culture and opportunities in industry and of course real estate. Or if you're feeling chatty just say hello. I plan to visit a friend in Santa Marta in August or September and also a couple of days in Medellin.

Thanks! I look forward to chatting.

Hi, Charles. My name is Cesar. I live in Medellín. If you want to keep in touch with me, my cell phone number is **. You can also find me on skype : c**.

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Hello charles i work in aviation in Colombia all over
Pleased to meet someone in the job Disruption of Constant Change lol

teacherincolombia36 :

My name is Cesar. I live in Medellín. If you want to keep in touch with me, my cell phone number is XXX XXXX. You can also find me on skype : XYZ.

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Ha. Yes the only thing that is not going to change in the aviation industry is that everything is going to change. Quickly and at the most inopportune time.

Good to meet you!

I am reposting this FYI: … y-Colombia

Good info. Thank you.

I just went through this process.  The agency I used to bring the $ in and take care of the paperwork will manage the place as well. I have been pleasantly surprised with the results. Good luck.


I am familiar with all the cities you cited in Colombia, due to business there for 26 years. I have lived full-time in Medellín and currently still reside in Medellín part-time. How can I help? What would you like to know? Best to reach me at *** , my personal email account.



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