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hi everyone..pls..somebody share how to get a tourist visa to philippines by a sri lankan national...ive been searching for almost 2 yrs.and half...pls.give us some detail...
thanks for the reply guys..

Go to embassy and u will get visa in a day. However for related documents list search on their website. One u prepare all documents they will give u visa in a day.

we already try to go to the embacy...all the requirment is there except for one document the police clearance...can we take police clearance without the assistance of the company consultant...

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thanks for the info...😊

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Any help you want just ask me I hope I can help

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You can apply Philippines tourist visa at your nearest Philippines embassy.
Kindly check the link below for your reference regarding with the requirements needed.
Thank you. … ilippines/


VISA truth...  someone... tell me the facts.   
1.  how long does a visa last?  (someone said just 60 days, and 6000 pesos to renew every 59 days)... if this is true, I may NOT come to Ph!!!
2.  i'm single, and do NOT want to rush into some marriage with native, so I need the facts on costs, etc.  the visa is a 'deal killer' to me, if #1 is true.
3. most say $1500 usd a month, others say $700 is fine to get by on.  Tell me.... if rent of furnished unit runs $160 a month, and food (cooking home, NOT eating out) runs another $140, and utilities and internet combined run another say $80 USD.... just why 700-1500?  I know most expats have not lived abroad before coming, and love to party, eat out, travel, and GFs etc..   but if a guy is modest, does NOT party or eat out.. why wouldn't say. $500 a month equal a nice stable life?

... thank you for FACTS on visa.    Someone said there are 'many types of visas' in Ph..  so maybe there is a tourist or whatever visa that lasts months, not just 60 days???


The tourist visa extension is PHP2,130.00/month.  You can stay in Philippines for 16 months as tourist but must extend your tourist visa and keep it valid to void penalty.
And you must secure ECC clearance when departing Philippines after the length of stay for 16 months and be sure that your tourist visa is valid during the departure.


HI, i heard, then validated this from the Philippine Government website, that 'extended visas' are available to tourist after the first issued one of 30 or 60 days, for about 13900 pesos (all 10 different fees combined).  This is granted as part of the 16 month stay program. … sion-lsvve

This is granted 'outside 30 days remaining' on the current visa, and is often issued upon the 2nd 60day visa between the 10th and 29th day of that visa for processing. 

As for the ECC and IB; that is a certificate only issued while still holding a visitor visa while in-country, and is good for 1 time use, 1 month only.  This is used most often to either get an extended stay visa, or to depart the country (showing you were a good person as to behavior while there). … ficate-ecc

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