Schools in Brussels + nanny

Hi all,

We are a French family, currently living in London, and we are moving to Brussels at the end of July. We find a school, nursery and house in Watermael-Boitsfort and we would like to hear your experience in this neighborhood and any tips you have.

We had a place at "institut de l'assomption Ste Therese" in M3 for our daughter for September but then we got another one at "les cedres la roseraie" in M3 which is much closer. We have then accepted the place there. But now, I am hearing conflicting information on this school and would like to know if anyone had any feedbacks on the education there, parascolaires activities, etc.

We put our son to the nursery "vive la vie" which seems quite good. It was quite difficult to find a school and we feel like we did not have many choices. So any feedbacks would be great.

Also, would you say that Catholics schools are better than communal ones?

Also, as our kids speak English, we would like to find an English speaker au pair or nanny to pick them up from school / nursery. Any ideas where I could find English speakers?

Thank you so much in advance for your feedbacks.


Hi Maud,

You might get a better response if you place your post in the Belgium part of the Forum; this link will take you there.

Oh thank you very much!

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