Looking for tutor who loves teaching kids!

Hi all,

We are a new education startup company called Young Entrepreneurs Indonesia! Younge teaches children age 7-15 years old entrepreneurial skills and financial literacy. Our programs edutain - educate and entertain young children through interactive plays, games, and hands-on activities.

We are based in Central Jakarta, Indonesia.

Would love to invite people that loves teaching and interacting with kids.

Lets spark the entrepreneurial spirit in young children.

The first thing to note is advertising is not allowed on the open forums; the correct place in this case being "Jobs" at the top of this page.

Next up, as this is an expat forum, are you looking to hire expat teachers and, if so, will you provide the work permit and KITAS?

When you do create an advert in the correct section you should include those details and other details such as working hours and salary.

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