Applying for Visa on Monday (US Citizen)

Hello, expat community! I'll be applying for my National Visa type D long-term on Monday in D.C. so that I can come to Warsaw and work as an ESL teacher.

I have all my documents (valid passport, travel medical insurance, original copy of my letter of employment (proof of accommodation, details about TESOL job, pay, etc.), letter of invitation, driver's license, proof of financial means (my parents are guarantors since I've just graduated from college so my mom will be with me and has printed her bank statements for the past 3 months), etc.).

Is there any reason I would be denied a visa? I'm just getting antsy since it's finally almost time for me to make the move and I'm ready to be in Poland.

Also, does anyone know if this is an interview or simply me dropping off my application/materials in person?

Thanks in advance!


From what I know you shouldn't have a problem but know that they don't move very fast so if you have all your documents in order you should be good to go.  If you are going to the Polish Embassy I believe it's only dropping off the documents.  I have been to the Polish Embassy here in Los Angeles and they only have a window that I've seen where people conduct business.  I've never seen them take people to the back.  Security seems to be tight at the Embassy for some reason.  It might be different in D.C. though.

I don't think you'll have a problem; who are what are you using for your medical insurance?


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