Marrying foreign man

I'm married with children but I'm separated. I want to annul my marriage

Good luck with that. I hope you have A LOT of Money.

A lot of patience and a lot of money ! But one important point : your former husband MUST NOT agree with the annulment. Only you should take care of all the process and expenses. This is very important. If the judge sees that both of you agree, he will consider that you ask for a divorce and he will be forced to say no to your request. The divorce is not allowed in the Philippines.
So the best way is to hide as long as you can your action to your former husband. The only moment he will discover it will be when he will be called by a psychologist...

Thanks for the advice. Do you think if I get annulled I can bring my kids in other country without the consent of their father?

Yes, you can without his consent

Yeah right!!... I would HIGHLY Suggest seeking the advice from a board certified lawyer and not just some random person on the internet when asking questions like this.  The fact that the children are also biologically his, this could cause a major legal issue. I'm sure every country is different but  if you are in the U.S. even if the marriage is annulled (which means it never legally happened) and the kids are biologically his/yours (This happens all the time to people in relationships that have kids but never get married), (and the court rules in favor of the father having either full or joint custody) then it would be considered KIDNAPPING of leaving the country without the fathers consent and you could go to Jail for a FELONY losing custody over your children all together.  Again, please seek professional counsel not advice online!!

In the Philippines it is the opposite ! It is considered a kidnapping if a father bring his children abroad without the consent of the mother but not the other way round!  Mother is more important than the father in Philippines civil law concerning children

In the US, in order to get a passport for a child, both parents most be part of the interview, unless there is a court order that states otherwise.  Get legal advice.

Just like what other members in this thread is advising you, consulting a lawyer who specializes in annulment cases or family law would be your best option. It will really cost you a lot of money but if this is the way that you think can better your life and the lives of your children, then it will be worth doing it. Best of luck in your endeavor.

Thank you for all your advice, I hope I can I find a good lawyer for my annulment.

Hope you find a lawyer that can understand your situation. There are a lot of law firms in Metro Manila. Are you based here?

Yes, I live in Manila

I see. You won't have any problems in getting yourself an annulment lawyer as there are a lot here you can get in touch with.

I agree with Steve.
The best thing to do to gain more information about your issue is to seek a proffesionals advice. Take some time to read more family law relalated topics regarding your issue. There are plenty of legit and law related websites available in the internet for you to read or set a appointment consulting a lawyer which can advice you what are the right steps to do.
I also suggest take one step at a time. You have to settle your marriage annulment issue first then all other things will be lighter to handle later on.  You have a big barrier to pass before getting into the dream seeing your self and your kid to be in other country.  Its not that easy as it sounds like its just in your doorstep. We are from Philippines. Annulment requires a lot of patience,effort,time and Money. I've been there myself. Im writing here base on my own experience.
About your second question of bringing your kid to other country without having concent from their biological father. Sorry to say, but You will need to get a concent from him if you dont want to be in problems with him or face any legal issues against you even if you are their biological mother,he still have the right as biological father and the goverment official will seek for he's concent.  If he's name is registered  on your kid's birthcertificate and the kids also carries he's surname, embassies for applying visa or The immigration officer will ask you that document specially if the kids are in minor ages. But if he's name is not in Birthcertificates, and you have the sole custody of the kids,things can be lighter. 

Best of luck.

Thanks jhanex17, is your marriage annulled now?

Yes. Almost 3yrs ago.

How long is the annulment process?

Listen to Steveb818. The French guy is a complete moron. The only advice I would take from a Frenchman is how to surrender.

if you care to  read  this  hope  it helps … ilippines/

Where are you located ?
Is your husband an American ?
Did you husband apply for foreign citizenship for the children and do you have a green card ?
Was your marriage registered in the Philippines ?
Depending on the age of your husband, you qualify for child support and/or Social Security Benefits.

I know 2 local attorneys here in Bohol and a web location for a legal office in Manila. 
Annulment costs are much lower now but vary by location.  Fees are negotiable.

Please read, Family Codes of the Philippines. 
Under Philippines Law, children under the age of 7  are presumed to want to be with the mother,

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