Looking to move to Queens, NY from South East England.

Hi all, my names Calum.

I'm 20 years old and a university drop out. I currently work in estate agency or 'real estate' for those across the pond. Since I was about 15 years old I have wanted to move to New York. I have seen a lot of the US, Europe and Asia.

The trouble is I don't really know where to start, and what viability me getting to live and work in New York is right now. And yes, I know, it won't be easy.

I have good credit and have saved £12,000 ($15,500) so far for a mortgage deposit in England which I would look to invest in Queens on a VERY cheap property or rent. I'm not sure how mortgage applications work in the USA so that would be interesting.

Work and such, to be honest, I would take any line of work, retail, restaurant and bar work that sort of thing but ideally in real estate I understand this is probably a very saturated job role in NY but we'll see I guess.

In terms of my personal circumstances, I'm not sure of my chances of getting the appropriate visa. I have no trouble with the police in England, I am well travelled, I have studied at University but never finished, I have a step aunt that lives in Boston, USA. I don't know if any of these make a difference positively or negatively when looking to try and get the most appropriate visa but I guess I just need help and suggestions on what to do, where to go, what I need to consider that sort of thing. 

Some advice would be great.

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