Considering job in Gore, Southland

I am South African born and bred, wanting to relocate to New Zealand. I have received a very attractive job offer in Gore, Southland, on the South Island of New Zealand.
My concern is, coming from super sunny SA, the cold temperatures on the South Island may be a bit of a challenge? I actually like cloudiness and rainy weather, but have read that the houses in New Zealand are really badly insulated. I would honestly prefer not to freeze my bits off the first winter.
Also, Gore is properly rural, literally in the middle of farmlands and at least an hour and half from any major cities. I like rural living but would also like to have something to do with my spare time.  Are there at least flea markets on weekends? The odd live music show?
Then there is the fact that as an expat going over solo, it will be a bit of a challenge meeting new people and making friends. I am a 27 y/o, will there be people of my age in such a rural area?

If anyone has any experience living in Gore or know something about the area, advice would be much appreciated.

I've never been to Gore but know some people that have, I heard it's pretty remote and definitely cold in winter however if worth the journey for work for a short while it can also be a beautiful place with a safe and helpful community and beautiful scenery as most of NZ has. You can always move on from there when youv'e had enough. I think a good brick home with a wood burner and gas heater should see you right. In regards to night life there's always new friends to meet if you look for them, however it won't be a hude crowd to choose from. Pro's and Con's to consider.

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