Silkpainter. German, 52, Planning my life in Martinique

Hello to all Expads.

I am seriously considering of moving to Martinique, and give it two Years to prepare. That sounds long but is not. I have spent 9 Months in Costa Rica with little or no planning - let's call it a good schooling ;) So now I am learning French as fast as possible. My big passion is Silkpainting, I am also learning about Self-marketing as affiliate still I would hope to find a part-time job as back up. I am aware of the problems regarding Prices with food, I do not know about accommodation.
It would be nice to get in touch with English and German speaking People, I am art loving, also learning Tai Chi so I might be able to give courses in Martinique for both Silkpainting and Tai Chi. Importing goods to Costa Rica such as Silk, Colours for my Painting was a Nightmare. Martinique is belonging Europe it should hopefully be a little bit easier. What is your experience with receiving Parcels? (Spain was difficult too - here I could not export for registration reasons, never mind) On another note... How is Wildlife there? I can not find Info on German Companies (for example) or Wildlife organisations, maybe a chance to get involved.If any of you has some info, I am very grateful. Thank you all!

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