Moving to Kuwait 2017-

Hey guys,

I  am moving to Kuwait in August and I want to know if I can get a sim card for my phone at the airport in Kuwait?

Thank you

Yes you most certainly can

Thank you, What do I require?

I bought mine at one of the malls, you did need a civil id at the mall, but I am guessing at the airport they are probably a lot more lax.  You probably just need your passport I am guessing.

Thank you again. Have a lovely evening.

You can.  You're looking for a "Viva" counter and it costs about 5kd for a local sim with 10gb of data and 200 minutes (everything here is done on whatsapp so data is where it's at).  They'll just need a copy of your passport.

However, I ran into an issue with my Samsung Galaxy Core Prime where it wasn't the correct "band" (basically a frequency range) for the area and I had to buy a new phone to go with.

@ willgrow3. Thank you for all that information.

You can get one with a copy of your ID (passport, civil ID, or whatever); and some places don't even require an ID! Just 5KD will do

there are 3 providers - zain, ooredoo, viva.

check their respective websites by adding after the names above, and check to see what tourist plans they have. that way, you are better equipped to get the best available package ;)

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