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I recently moved out of the USA and looking to buy an Iphone and a laptop to ship to Japan. Can someone please advise on how I can purchase in the US and ship here? Any suggestions on which company to use to ship the products?

Why would you buy them from the USA, when most of these products are made in Asia and are readily available in Japan already?  Shipping costs and delivery times will be a lot I would think.

Thank you for your reply Romaniac. The reason is because I trust the product I get from the US more then other countries. Also I want to know so in the future if I want to send for example clothing or food that I can't get in Japan, I can order and ship from the US.

I been doing some research and I see there are a few company that ships, for example Shipito, MyUS are the two most common once but the reviews are not the greatest and the price is ridiculous. I found some smaller companies and found one ( planetexpress ) their pricing is literally half from all other competitors. I'll look into it some more but if anyone have suggestions, I am more then willing to listen. Thank you.

Suggest you go to and do your purchase on line. They do offer free delivery etc.

for Iphone , you may need an unlocked unit to use overseas.
Ebay would be the best bet.

Hope this works out

Thank you James, I decided to open an account with Planet Express and have my item shipped there. I just shipped it out last Friday with DHL and it says I should get my items by Weds!! Wow!. They were very helpful, I suggest anyone looking for a middle man company to look at them.

I would suggest Amazon.  Many Amazon sellers or Amazon itself ship to foreign countries.

Great!   I am glad it worked out well for you.


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