Insurance OVER AGE 65

I have done some work and there is now medical insurance coverage available,  group coverage only,  for over age  65 enrollments.  You must enroll prior to age  69! 

I will be offering  2 plans  for now we call them Excellent and Really Good. LOL I am getting information for dental to be included but right now this is what I have to offer and I am looking for who is interested:

Excellent  is  US 116 a month.approx, RD 2,000,000 max plus RD 2,000,000 catastrophic
Really good is  US 48 a month. approx  RD 300,000 regular max plus RD 800,000 catastrophic

NOW, here is the kicker, it is a group policy and the rates will go up annually.  I try my best to manage my groups rates by NOT accepting those at highest risk. 

at age 70 to  75 the rate is base plus 100%
at age  76 to 80  the rate is base plus  150%
at age 81 to 90 the rate is base plus 200%

Is this of any interest to anyone?  The coverage is in hospital 100%, out of hospital 80 to 90%
Both plans include reimbursement if you go to a non insurance accepting doctor.

I am looking for expressions of interest please,  I will not create the group unless there is enough interest! 

PM me or email me consultantdr[at]   I also do have a listing in the business directory with my email info.

Coming in August for two months. If we decide to make it permanent I will reach out (I'm 61, my wife 53).

Well then you can register in the other plan I have, it is better for under age  65. Once enrolled you stay in the plan past age 65.

Thanks, do these plans run in conjunction with my Florida health plan or take the place covering all of our insurance needs in the DR?

They cover you here in the DR only honey.

The group plans I am familiar with are related to businesses etc. Can you create a group of people to insure other than that?

I have a group now already and we can create  a group with a minimum number of.people!!!

Good job!!!
Bob K

Thanks Bob. I do my best!!!

Hi!   I would like to get a quote for medical insurance.   I'm 56 and my husband is 72.

All the Expats in Cabrera are forming a group with seats on city council meetings and one of the agenda items talked about was getting a possible group insurance plan... it is on early phase, but I can have the US representative (aka our neighbor in Cabrera) to talk to you...?

There are already 2 groups that can  help you. One is with universal. The other with Humano that is my grpup.

The new group for over 65 needs a few more people to get it up and running. I will private message you. As far as I know it is the only grpup that is open to over 65 year olds that is not a private company based plan.

I'd be interested in learning more

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