Please help me

Hie how are you I am a Zimbabwean got a scholarship to study in  Algeria but the donors have not yet told me the university the y are going to take me
I would like to ask which universities are the best
I saw a few videos on YouTube and the toilets of the dorms where really messy and the food was not appetising
Are you allowed to live out of campus but nearby?
Are they any places to stay close to university where they have the best living conditions like a nice toilet with water a washing place
Wifi for the internet
Cooking utensils if I choose to cook for my self a nice bed
A nice desk bigfor studying
Nice view and stuff
And would you please tell me the prices of such places and how much it would cost are the degress from Algerian universities aggreditated I am holding to study medicine

everything you saw  in youtube is a lie you should live in the dorms thats better you will save some money with that but you can also live outside eat  outside

about the rent its between  100 to 200 dollar a month  for a f3 apartment 

studying medicine maybe you will be studying in the capital or a place called blida

Algeria its free country you can do whatever you want  so dont worry and good luck to you

Thank you very much I feel a lot more confident

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