relocate to Mauritius

hi , Need some up to date info on moving a dog to Mauritius , also contact details of agents in SOUTH AFRICA who do this ,

Are there restrictions to using Shipping Containers for living space in Mauritius ??

thank you !


Some breeds are strictly forbidden from entering the island.

we have a rottweiler and it has been confirmed , that we can bring him over , has to be neuterd .


You are welcome to contact me in a private chat as we are not allowed to give details on the forum. I am in the process of applying for our 2 dogs and 2 cats permits.

Cheers Marc

hi I am on whats app , ***

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I have a spread sheet of everything you need to do and dates to do plus I cans end you details of person in Mauritius who has checked everything and details of company who will export them. Mine is based on SA to Mauritius and I have 2 dogs and a cat. I can give you a rough cost according to my quotes. I have just started the process with them. You can send me a message.

that will be great


also on whats app ***

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