buying a car in Belgium

I am checking the autoscout24 website, where i found some nice cars in Belgium.
I am afraid to buy them, so i am looking for a company that makes car inspections and send me a full report of the car condition in Belgium.

Does anybody have in mind companies like this?
I heard for rietveld taxaties but i am not sure of what they are doing,
so i will appreciated if somebody give me a hint where to look and finally attend.

Many thanks for any help

We bought our car from a private seller on autoscout24.
Luckily for us the seller lived close by. So things went pretty smoothly.
On autoscout24 dealers and private sellers can take the car for inspection and hand you the full details  before you pay for it.
Hope this was abit helpful.

unlucky for me i am quite far away from the sellers ;)
thats why i am searching for an independent inspector....

Do you have some of them in belgium?

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