Is this a genuine job offer or a scam!

Hi there,

I'm writing on behalf of my sister. I'm Malaysian. Recently  my sister received a job offer through email from Al Dhafra Petroleum based in Abu Dhabi. She was given a month duration for the job acceptance and she needs to pay for the visa to the agency and can be claimed later on once she signs her contract. How can i know if it's a scam? Please advise.
Thank you.

it is 200% fraud. Stay away from these fake offers.

Sorry for that.. i got mixed up coz I'm working here in Saudi Arabia.

Thank u

I was thinking the same. The agency is asking the candidates to pay for the visa and they will refund back. I have the offer letter from the company. How can i send it to u? Thanks

pure scam like everyone said...someone I know feel for it and I almost stopped her at the right time...


I recieved like the same thing they sent me an online interview after two days i am hired they dont even called me for skype or what so ever interview and i have two job offers and they are requiring me to process my own visa theyre a big company but how can they not process it if am really hired.. im from qatar

Its scam for sure.. Never pay money to recruitment agencies

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