looking to make a lifestyle change and plan to move to Thassos island

Hi, I'm Kerry...
I was born in the UK, but started to travel at the age of 20... Fell in love with a Greek Island (ha... You were all expecting me to write Greek guy!) but somehow got sidetracked and I ended up volunteering on a kibbutz in Israel...
Met my husband Ofer on the kibbutz and have lived in Israel since..
Now we are looking to make a lifestyle change and plan to move to Thassos island.. We are in our mid 50's, like to socialize and meet new people. Any ideas? Would be great to hear...
We are moving at beginning of september..

Hello Kerry1960,Im guessing that Thassos was the the island you fell in love with back then.I have stayed there on holiday a couple of times in the past,its very nice.Just wondering if you will both have a job lined up or perhaps you intend to open a business.Do remember that some of the islands have problems with health care coverage due to very little funds going their way for hospitals,nursing staff,doctors,surgeons etc..and lack of ambulances.I saw on one island that a vet was taking out stitches, putting on new dressings etc..for people because of lack of staff in their area on the island,they were more than pleased with the vet though ha..some people have died whilst waiting to be air-lifted to the mainland and some have died because of having only one paramedic ambulance going between several emergencies.Crete seems as if it might have lots of expats to link up with,lots of backup from each other,social life together,art stuff going on,Crete seems to be the place to be right now,it seems like all the world wants Crete,every nationality,they want to holiday there or live there.Greece is a good place to be if you are financially secure.Of course we all look now to the Brexit terms and conditions for expats here in Greece,May has said that people with five years at least of living in UK can stay,less than that must apply for a permit we shall see what Greece and the other EU countries will allow for Brits abroad.I wish you well for your move wherever it may be.

Thanks for your advice and insight


Hi Kerry1960,

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