Salary for 10 years teaching experience at school in Kuwait?


Just wondering if this is a fair salary or if I should ask for more?

On top of 1120KWD monthly I will receive semi furnished housing, paid utilities, medical insurance and yearly flights.


That's actually pretty good for a school teacher. Usually your biggest worry would b rent, but since that's covered for you, I think you're golden!

But hey, if you can shoot for more, go for it!

Thanks for that information szc53! :)

Its a Golden Opportunity.

good salary, depends on your school, get to kuwait, do a year with your employer, scout for other offers, im guessing you can get more but they netted the cost of bringing you in against your salary, so your next job should pay more since u'l be just transferring residency as opposed to creating from scratch.

in Kuwait, your loyalty is to the dinar, whoever pays more. loyalty is not rewarded, so get in and get with the program ;)

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