With how much you can live in Shanghai?


My company is moving me to Shanghai in September. They'll pay for all the accomodation and utilities of the apartment.

Could I survive comfortably with a 6000RMB monthly payment?

Whats about health insurance? retirement fund? tax? ...
It will be hard, if not impossible, to find a decent one bedroom apartment downtown for 6000rmb/month. Go figure!

it is enough to survive, if you don't spend on any girls.
good luck and welcome

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Shanghai is not like other China region...Since it's a big city and lots of foreigners, price of living is high. However, unless you spent too much on alcohol, party and girls, it's fine. Because, price in Shanghai has a tremendous gap.

I agree with oheychang, that all depends where you live and what type of lifestyle you want to have. If you want to have everything close then I suggest the former french concession or downtown are (jing'an, people square or xintiandi), but if you are willing to commute from further area it could be done.

I'd say try to argue for a raise eventually or get another side job to supplement the 6,000. I live in XuHui and pay 5,000 a month for rent. You're going to have to get a roommate to live for any cheaper than that, or live outside downtown.

Actually it is possible if you live in the far suburbs not close to any subway station, use bikes and public transportation, and just eat Chinese every day... And of course, not use the AC to save on electricity bills. Not many people become expats to live in such conditions  :whistle:

Very good point. It is possible to live cheaper in Shanghai, but you have to be sure that you want to have electric wires coming out of the wall or having leaking sealing or washing machine.

Then again if one wants to live in foreign areas like Jing'an, gubei, hongqiao or jingqiao then needs to pay at least 10-15 K. But with food and transportation can always save

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