work permit (carteira de trabalho) based on RNE

Hi there,

I have been living in Rio de Janeiro for three months and just obtained my RNE (actually, the temporary paper issued by the Policia Federal at Galeao Airport).

I am married to a Carioca and of course I need to help paying the bills ASAP...

So I asked the guys at the Policia Federal regarding the work permit but - as usual it seems - got all kind of different answers: some say I can get a "carteiro de trabalho" right now while some colleagues of them told me I need to wait until I get the "official" RNE card...

So, does anyone know what is the next step? Do I need to go the "Ministerio do Trabalho" in order to get a Work Permit? Any good website that has reliable information?



You can get it. I'm currently in USA so I don't have access to my notes. Go there and find out what you need. I know you need your CPF and your protocol. I don't remember what else. You can contact them for a list.


Hi Jim,

I already have a CPF and got the protocol yesterday, so should be all ok.

But do you know whom I should contact? I cannot find any useful information on the internet.

Tks a lot


Go to the office where the work permits are issued in your city.


You need to the Ministerio de trabalho located closest to your area of residence.

They will give you a detailed list and explain the procedure. 

Depending on the person who will handle your request they might issue a Carteira de trabalho with a 3 month validity based on the expiry of your protocolo or else if they understand the process they might issue it with a validity of 9 years directly

Good luck and do keep us posted on what happens :)

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