Employment Process for Stage 2

It seems fine now you explain it - but it sounds more like the process for a Foreign Worker Pass (the medical being required) than an employment pass (Professional Pass).

Hi Gravitas,

Could be but do you have the link of what's the difference? Though my employer and in the calling visa, it stated employment pass. 

I am just worried that when i enter Malaysia, I will not be getting the employment pass or a pass that allows me to work as in the single entry it says "for issue of social pass". 

Drive me nuts as I have rendered my resignation as I need to be in Malaysia in August.

Professional Pass

Foreign Worker Pass

Hi Gravitas,

How do I go by checking the status of my stage 2 application online? I already received the acknowledgment receipt for the stage 2 last week and according to that receipt, it will take 3 working days to know the result but it has been past 3 days now. Today, I was advised that my application is currently on in queue for meeting with the Director of Malaysian Immigration. The officer said to check on the status again on Friday.

I am getting anxious as I am worried. Also, my current company is requesting me to extend my service with them since I dont have a start date yet to the next company, however, the next company said not to. I am okay to extend so at least I can still earn while waiting. Please advise what would be the action I need to do from here.

Thank you.

Cristeta19 - what you seem to be describing is Stage I - i.e. decision by immigration whether to clear your recruitment. Stage II is handing of passport to immigration for the sticker to be placed in it. Sounds like you need to wait for decision on Friday or early next week. I am guessing you are changing jobs and are already in Malaysia.

When does your current pass expire? Did you have to provide a no objection letter (or is the pass coming to an end naturally so does not need shortening)? In your offer of employment letter from the new company, there should be some indication of start date - you would have signed and returned that letter. The letter would just usually say "subject to immigration clearance". The new company should be fully aware if your current pass is coming to an end and based your job offer on that date.

So is your concern that you will have no pass of any kind i.e. new application fails and current pass runs out? Extending with your current employer would complicate and slow processes down as two conflicting applications would be with immigration.

Thank you for the quick response. Indeed Gravitas, I am changing employer. Release letter have been provided by my current company. My last day is on Friday and my visa also expires on the following day. I already receive the stage 1 approval letter from mdec. The stage 2 acknowledgment receipt was given to me last wed and it states there that it will take 3 working days for the result. As for the start date,the employment agreement I signed, it states there that start date will depend on the approval of my EP.

The new company should be able to explain to you that Stage I approval is sufficient for you to start work with them on an agreed date.

However, it still sounds more like MDEC have given clearance and immigration (ESD) are reviewing the application in terms of whether the new company is entitled to hire foreigners based on current organigram. That is usually referred to as Stage I (i.e. immigration decision is still required). But perhaps MDEC use different terminology.

Seems to be a place to check here

The employer said that stage 2 is more on formality, however pwc said that its still possible that stage 2 canbe ddeclined for some reasons. Im really confuse.

Perhaps use the checker

Stage II is just confirmation that Stage I was approved. Immigration should have seen company paperwork and your personal papers at Stage I - so no surprises. (Occasionally I have heard they ask for original certificates at Stage II). But only your new employer can really explain what stage you are at and whether they have received approval to hire you.

All right Gravitas,thanks for all your help and have a nice day.

depend your visa type 1 or 2 year or 5 year

Hi Gravitas

Thanks for the links! Very helpful

Hi apz_26,

Now i'm waiting for the calling visa in my country. I'm from Indonesia and i got a job offer in a company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. How long it takes to get the approval? Cz it's been a week but no news updates about that so that makes me worried :(

VDRs are taking 1-2 months and the company really needs to apply at the same time as approaching immigration for Stage I clearance. Otherwise an in-person application needs to be done at the immi offices (which is time consuming). So it would be good to check whether the company have made the application for the VDR, because there are also lots of public holidays in September, when offices close (e.g. closure 31/9-4/9) . Once approved in Malaysia you will need to get the sticker inserted into your passport at nearest Malaysian High Commission or other embassy they suggest.

Hi Gravitas / all

here in Malaysia already working. thanks for ur advice and feedback it helped a lot.

@apz_26 good to know you have successfully settled in Malaysia. I am also a Filipino and waiting for the stage 1 approval. Can you please share your experience once the single entry visa was stamped to your passport? Did you have difficulty leaving PH and arriving in MY? How's your processing of overseas certificate then? How long? Thanks so much!


Dear all
I got approval  from MDEC  45 days ago and I entered  Malaysia with an Employment pass  2 weeks ago. In my VISA stamp  it says "employment pass"  but in KLIA the immigration officer grant me 30 days stay period and "report to Putrajaya" stamp.

My office said me that we have to process the 2nd stage now and they submitted my 2nd stage application 1 weeks ago in Putrajaya Immi Office without my main passport (Photocopy only) . After submission they said that we need to  check the status after 14 days of submission and after that there will be new VISA stamp. In this circumstance I have some queries .

1) If my 2nd stage don't  finalize in next 15 days, do  I need to exit  Malaysia   as I have 30 days of validation to stay in Malaysia .

2)  When I can check the 2nd stage approval in the web

thank you

Stage 2 is usually just a formality. If a problem does occur for some reason the company can apply for an Extension of Visa.

Presumably you arrived on a single entry "Visa With Reference" and have followed the normal recruitment process so far.

Thanks for your reply.

Gravitas :

Stage 2 is usually just a formality. If a problem does occur for some reason the company can apply for an Extension of Visa.

Presumably you arrived on a single entry "Visa With Reference" and have followed the normal recruitment process so far.

When I will be able to check the status of my DP10/DP11 online.

THank you

I think the systems are being combined so perhaps you can check

Gravitas :

I think the systems are being combined so perhaps you can check

Thanks , from this morning I can check both the DP10/DP11 and they are approved. So what's the next step for VISA endorsement ?

Sorry but why is DP11 "approved"? That is the application to endorse the work permit after arrival in Malaysia and not yet submitted.

You need a Visa with Reference to enter Malaysia to work. The employer applies for this and immigration provide a letter which you take to the Malaysian consulate and they place the single entry visa in your passport. The you can travel to Malaysia.

When you arrive you have 30 days in which the company must complete the Stage II (DP11) process by getting the passport endorsed with the employment pass.

Hi Gravitas,
My EP is going to be finished this month (January). Thats why I was afraid and signed one offer quickly which is not good for me, but to save my EP status only. They have already applied online.

But now I have found a good and suitable offer. If I want to go with this, what may be the consequences? Please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

An EP is linked to a specific job and company so the new company would have to apply for the EP. Check your Job Offer to see if there are any consequences of dropping out with Company I.  Best to sort it out quickly and pleasantly.

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