Filipino citizen visiting taiwan for a couple of weeks

Hi, I would like to ask if I do need a tourist visa if I'm going to Taiwan for a couple of weeks to visit my friend, even though I do have my documents here in Italy. (permesso, carta, ecc.) or let's say I'm a residence now here but then I'm not an italian citizen. Thank very much for whom will respond my question. I love you...

An Italian residence permit will have absolutely no relevance on visiting Taiwan.  If Filipino citizens require a visa, then you need a visa.

Also, you should have posted in the Taiwan forum, not the Italy forum :)

Romaniac Experts Team

Tnx  mr. romaniac, yeah I posted in Italian forum, "It's a page error" sorry. Actually I saw in their website  for Filipino citizen can go their if they had also their residence permit but for canada and america. I try to email the embassy of taiwan in Rome but no response yet

You should visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

yes check government  official website

I am Taiwanese. I wonder if you got answer.
Here is mine: If you have Italy passport, then you do not need visa. But for Philippine passport, you need visa.
Welcome to Taiwan.

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