Meeting People in B'ham


I have a project in Birmingham and will visit frequently during the next year or longer.
The company provides accommodation, but I like to meet some interesting people after work.
I am German, but lived in Asia for a looong time.
Anybody up for a chat or other activities?


Oh, you will certainly meet some interesting people there Beppi ;)

I was born in the Midlands and I actually lived in Brum for a bit, it's just shame that some places are a right dive. ;)

"A right dive" means what???
I'll be at the new Midlands Metropolitan Hospital building site in Smethwick.
The first visit is tomorrow, but it's only a day trip to get introduced. Longer stays will follow.

hi Beppi

Welcome to Bham 
and hope u will enjoy it
if you have any question feel free to ask

A right dive, means a right sh^te hole

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