Mega Career Fair 2017 ??


I am wondering if this fair will be beneficial for someone who has good experience in IT specially in UI/UX Design? … 57?aff=es2

Actually I am preparing to come to KL searching for a job and I found this fair, in case this fair is beneficial for me may I come before it.

Thanks in advance

To save yourself expenses, it would be good to take a look at job sites and see if you are a match for the type of people companies want to hire. There are usually some jobs in UX/UI design and regularly see people offering  their services. Career fairs like this are usually aimed at local recruitment and all you would be doing is handing out your CV. Right now its post Raya so it will be quieter than usual for a while. … ey=UX%2FUI

Excuse me, What is  "Raya " ?

The end of Ramadan.....

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