How to save money in the Seychelles

Hello everyone,

Did you plan your budget before your move to the Seychelles? If so, how did you go about it?

How do you save money in your day to day life? Do you find there are any areas where you can't cut costs?

Do you have any tips about saving money in the Seychelles? For example, getting the best deals on accommodation, grocery shopping and dining out, the best value transportation, etc..

Are there any apps or websites that have helped you to save money?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


We didn't plan a budget before we arrived in Seychelles and it was a matter of learning yourself and speaking to other people.  We utilised our residents permits wherever we could - such as on the ferries, as this was a massive saving.  The guys down at Beau Vallon also gave discount on things such as jet skis and also the snorkelling trips that we made from the little place in town, they give discount to residents.  The Botanical Gardens is free if you show your residents permit.  You'd be surprised at the amount of places that give discount if you hold a residents card.  With regard to shopping, we avoided places like the Spa on Eden Island and shopped in the same places all the time, such as the same fruit and veg vendors at the side of the road as once they got to know you, they would give you your fruit and veg at a much cheaper price.  So it was good to stick with the same few guys.  Speaking to the local people also helped enormously with getting ideas of where to go to get things cheaper.  Seychelles is a very expensive place to live, probably the most expensive place I have lived or visited but you are able to cut down on your expenses quite a lot.

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