How to save money in Oman

Hello everyone,

Did you plan your budget before your move to Oman? If so, how did you go about it?

How do you save money in your day to day life? Do you find there are any areas where you can't cut costs?

Do you have any tips about saving money in Oman? For example, getting the best deals on accommodation, grocery shopping and dining out, the best value transportation, etc..

Are there any apps or websites that have helped you to save money?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


This can be one of the pinned post as this will help a lot of expats. Here is the list of things I would like to mention

Yes, we created a budget. For me , I have divided my salary into 5 parts. 20% of salary for rent , 20% of salary for groceries and expenses , 60% of salary in saving (these 3 parts are further divided into emergency savings, long term savings and short term savings)

Major Expenses

The major expense in Oman for me are
-  Groceries - OMR 150 per month
- Driving license (If you need to get driving license, it is very costly) - OMR 150 per month
- Eating out budget - OMR 100
- Bills - OMR 150
- Taxi - OMR 150

The basic things to save money are

- Buy a big refrigerator and Buy in Bulk
- Look for offers on all the major hypermarkets
- Use classifieds to buy used stuff

Planning and Budget it's use save money

Plan with your budget

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