I shall have a medical insurance. Someone could shed the light on it ?


I need one clarification. I am a would be expat, about to move to Jeddah in one month. My job offer letter says that I shall have a medical insurance, but it doesn't provide much details. I suffer from blood pressure and cholesterol problem for which I shall have to take medicines for life. Can anyone please advise me if long term disease medicines are also permissible under a typical saudi medical insurance, or does insurance only cover short term, one time medicines which the doctor prescribes. I was planning to carry medicines for 6 months with me in case this is not the case and bring my local doctor prescription to carry medicines inside saudi. Hope this is allowed. Please advise

P.S. For my medical problem, I shall definitely consult a local physician and get his prescription for medicines, as my home country doctor's prescription shall no longer be valid there.

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Should be covered, my cousin gets regular Insulin prescriptions under insurance here.

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