Camp stove canister or just coffee question?

Does anyone know if fuel/gas canisters in Bulgaria will fit the regular mini camp stove head sold in the US?
Like this one … merReviews

I'm not a snob in general but I am a Turkish coffee snob. How readily available and if so how good is Turkish coffee when driving around the country in Bg? I usually need a fill-up every 5-10 km  :) .

Thank you.

Hi David, regarding your first question I cannot really help you.. Small gas canisters for camp stoves are readily available in large supermarkets and in most small shops too, but I don't know if they are different from the ones sold in the US.

Regarding the coffee.. Well... It depends on where you are :-) in Kardjali you will find good Turkish coffee (many Bulgarian-Turks live there).. In the cafe of the main Mosque in Plovdiv too, and in other Turkish or Greek establishments. But, when driving around the country it is not so likely to readily find Turkish style coffee. However, you will find about a million of coffee machines on the streets. The quality differs but I regularly had a strong and tasty black coffee from one of those machines.. Trial and error. You may get lucky when you ask for a 'Tursko kafe' in a bar or restaurant.  In any case, never ever EVER order a cappuccino, unless you are at a reputable place, it is no cappuccino at all.. It is an abomination a.k.a Nescafe (instant bs). So, be warned.
If you make your own Turkish coffee and need to buy coffee for it, check that it is intended for the 'Djezve' (джезве), that's the Bulgarian name for the typical coffeepot. We usually buy this type of coffee when we pass through Greece, Turkey, or Kardjali. So, I haven't bought it in nearby stores yet but have seen that it is sometimes written on packed ground coffee. If you go to a shop where they sell the beans, they will grind it for you and ask how fine you want it. Good luck :-)

You might find that Bulgaria offers great coffee too, some Bulgarians are not exactly singing the praises of all their neighboring countries. But I am sure you will be sorted for coffee. I like my coffee too, in local villages you will even find vending machines on the street and for a little loose change you'll get a quick fix obviously not a real high quality but a quaint well used little set up.  Good luck, sorry I can't help regards the gas canister fitting?
Best wishes.

Methinks you need help with your addiction and not help in feeding it either  :dumbom:  .

Thank you all for the help.
I have two young kids. I gave up drugs, alcohol and dangerous vehicles. I have no life!! My wife says I can keep the coffee addiction, so feed it I will!  :D

davidsoup :

Thank you all for the help.
I have two young kids. I gave up drugs, alcohol and dangerous vehicles. I have no life!! My wife says I can keep the coffee addiction, so feed it I will!  :D

Feed away my friend, you might need half a scoop of caffeine more as "dangerous vehicles" you'll encounter a few on the Bulgarian roads vehicles & dangerous drivers!!
Just the way SOME people drive over there regardless of choice of transport, Blacked out BMW to haulage tanker, (come on in the water's fine!!) 
Regards Steve.

I've been practicing via youtube videos "Crazy Russian Drivers Compilation". I'll be alright.  Quit scaring away potential newcomers.

For future reference, the canisters that you can purchase here, at least in regular stores, are the type that you puncture with the stove fitting rather than the screw on like in the states and I'm assuming Europe too. But buying the whole thing is not expensive.

Drove for 1000km and drivers were courteous enough and the driving seemed to be fine (other than the roads). Maybe it's because I'm used to driving in Israel.

Glad you got the camp stove sorted and found the driving OK.
I have 2 weeks back in the country in August I'll be driving from Sofia to Ruse and around various towns hopefully I'll encounter a similar experience.
(the last time I drove with my family I had an old car skid on a wet road right into the back of the hire car, it was not the stopping distance being too short too! Still when he got out and saw me hopping mad he did tell me to thank god we were both alive!)
I forgot to mention the pot holes.......

Yes the pot holes. I didn't think I could develop stomach muscles whilst driving.
Drive safely and try not to stop this time  :)

Haha yeah I've hired a car with no brakes and massive bumpers.
I'm pretty sure it'll be OK been back and about 4 or 5 years now I have actually saw roadworks carried out on various routes too!

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