Marry a Brazilian in Brazil or the USA for Brazil residency?

I see a lot of info about how and what an expat needs in order to get married in Brazil and establish residency. But, I'm wondering if it's better and easier all the way around if we marry in the US when my fiance comes there for a visit and I come back with our marriage certificate?
Any solid info on this would be hugely appreciated. Many thanks.

Hey Patrick. As I mentioned in the PM and on the other thread: Yeah, it is much easier to get married in the US than it is here. It's quicker, too. No 3-4 week waiting period required. County clerk in San Diego said $18 ($36 if we needed someone to perform the ceremony) and you can leave in about an hour as a married couple. If I recall correctly, the marriage license alone cost us something like R$400, plus my wife had to order copies of her birth certificate and divorce, both of which were close to R$100 apiece.

IF you get married here, wait until no more than a week before you leave the US to get your documents, because any document that is more than 90 days old when presented is considered invalid here. Also, find out who you have to see, where you have to go to get your documents apostilled. In California, my parents had to take me birth certificate and divorce decree to the California Secretary of State.

Hi Mike,
Thanks, that's really helpful. What about when I come back, any major hoops to jump through or is it just whatever is normally required to apply for permanent residency?

If you do everything in the US, the only thing you should have to do once you get here is to register with the local PF and get your CPF and RNE cards.

I might be wrong and the consulate there in the US might issue both the RNE # and card and maybe even the CPF, as well. They'll definitely put a stamp or full visa in your passport, though.

That sure sounds much easier, I'll check what my fiance will need in the US. Thanks again for the help.

County clerk. Shouldn't be anything more than her passport with valid visa (any kind) and her ID.

The RNE and CPF can only be done in Brazil....the consulate can only give you the VIPER visa sticker in your passport

Thanks, Steve, appreciate the info.

Viper will be quicker in a brasilian consulate. CPF will be quicker in Brasil. RNE you get in Brasil when you arrive with your Viper. A Viper based on marriage can take 4 years or more in Brazil, in practise.

Thanks for the info.

Johan69 :

Viper will be quicker in a brasilian consulate. CPF will be quicker in Brasil. RNE you get in Brasil when you arrive with your Viper. A Viper based on marriage can take 4 years or more in Brazil, in practise.

Mine took less than 2 weeks from when we started the process online.

My wife and I were told this as well. I'm thinking it's because whoever told her didn't want the hassle of dealing with a gringo looking for residency.

Thanks, that's more like what I'm hearing as well.
We've pretty much decided to marry in the US so now we're checking to see exactly what she will need to bring to the US in order to marry there and exactly what I need to bring back to get my viper and other docs.

Call the office that issues marriage licenses to see what they say. The ones in San Diego I called said she just needs her ID and passport.

Thanks Mike,
I believe you are correct. Do you know what I'll need to bring back on you next visit to establish residency since we will already have been married? Can I come back on a visitors visa or will that need to be changed?

The consulate will put a stamp in your passport saying that you have residency. You'll need to bring the marriage certificate, your birth certificate, and your passport to the PF when you get here.

Do I need to do anything with Brazilian consulate in US before coming?
Thanks again.

Yes. You will need to bring her and her documents and you and your documents. Contact them first, because they may require the English-language documents to be translated.

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