Learning chinese

Hi to all
I have decided to study chinese but before starting i want to get some Info about this language...
any body here to help me??

What info do you want to need ? I am Pippa and I am Chinese,I can help you for learning Chinese.

I heard that learning chinese is very hard ..i want to know how many years does it take to speak..? The chinese verbs need to conjugate or not?

There isn't a Chinese language is a handy starter.
The official national language is Mandarin but there are loads of others depending on which bit of China you're in.

Mandarin has four distinct tones and getting the wrong one can create issues ranging from not being understood to being seriously misunderstood.
The first thing to do with Mandarin in learn the tones

- / v \  Get them right and you have a chance.

It depends that how many times you take everyday. I think If you study 2~3 hours a day. after 3 months you should can have easy dialogues.

I think it depends on your current level and how much time you spend on Learning Chinese. Language learning takes time. There isn’t a shortcut! If you learn Chinese by yourself, it may take you a little longer to be fluent. While if you take Chinese courses with professional Chinese teachers. You may become fluent in Chinese in a shorter time. A professional teacher will teach you the most practical ways to learn Chinese, and you will be corrected when you make some language mistakes, then make progress faster.

Chinese verbs don't conjugate. Wikipedia has a good explanation: Chinese verbs

"Chinese only has one basic form, used for every person and tense; thus "chī" (吃) can equal all these forms. ("tā chī" 他吃: he eats, "nǐ chī" 你吃: you eat, etc.) In other words, Chinese does not express these differences through inflectional suffixes."

Generally, the Chinese don't conjugate.
I'm a Native Chinese, if you want to learn Chinese, I may help.

How do you teach Chinese? I'm interested

To help practise the Chinese language. In exchange, you may help me in my language skills.
Why we can use our native language without any thinking? because we use it everyday, everytime.
When we're a baby/infant, we learn to pronounce just by following other people around us.
I think practising is the key to master a language, step by step and begining from the basic to the advanced.
what's your opinion? Are you interested in language exchange?

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