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Hi all,

My name is Kim from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Since I plan to study Thai and move to there. Does anyone know any website study Thai for beginner? I also search some clip on YouTube but it’s  a bit hard to understand.

Thank you!

Consider trying this one, Hope it helps.

I could teach you Thai by online if your interested.
Add me in LINE ID: ***

I can speak fluent thai & english though currently in bangkok.

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Maybe you can consider this  Thaipod101

I use Thaistyle. They have a manual you can download. They also have audio files so you can listen to how things are pronounced. You will also be assigned a teacher who will guide through learning Thai using the manual and the audio files. I like it very much. I enrolled in the speak/read/write program for $200 USD. I get my lessons from a Thai woman who lives in Los Angeles California as I in the US. They have instructors in several countries including Thailand. I wanted to learn the Thai language before going there as well. I did much research before deciding on a program and this is the one for me. You can change teachers any time if you do not like the one you get at first. Look into it.  Thaistyle

I'm Thai i am learning English, and i'm looking for friends from aboard who want to speak Thai.
I would like to exchange the culture, language, knowledge, etc. if you interested i can teach you, and i will be your friend. Now i am currently living in Bangkok.


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could you teach me as well ?

If you wanna have a good book I can recommend "essential thai", a yellow book.
As for teachers, I would She focuses on teaching words that you would use a lot in everyday life so you can build your own sentences fast.

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