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Hello everyone

Please, can someone recommend me some truthworthy real estate agencies or individual agents specializing in apartment rentals? I will arrive in Vienna next week and I would like to discuss with an agent and rent something on long term - if I find anything available. I have searched online, but I see that most agents specialize in selling properties, not rentals....

Thank you in advance.

Have a look here

This one I've good things about

The site is in English as well :)

It's also a good idea, on to have an idea which district you want to live in because they all have their own Estate Agents.

Thanks for your reply! I don't know exactly in what district to move. A friend suggested that districts 1-10 are a good choice. I will try to contact some landlords directly too while I'm there. I have just received this email from an agency:

"For self-employed persons, it is difficult to rent apartments from institutions owners.
Accepting institutional owners Self-employed only with submission of a balance sheet of the year, which will not be possible for you.

I recommend Private Property Offer to request.
We currently have no matching properties from private owners."

No positive reply so far :(

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