Life in Bydgoszcz

Hi All. Started a new thread as most people on the forum seem to be in Krakow or Wroclaw. I myself am new to Poland, and intend on being here for 6 months give or take.

As I explore Bydgoszcz I will try and post updates and answer questions that people may have about Bydgoszcz to the best of my ability.

I am here to work for an international company in the IT department. It was a great move for myself career wise so I look forward to meeting my counterparts and exploring the country. I am married, but initially I have left the other half at home so I can find my feet before she visits as I have read many mixed things about accommodation, deposits and credit checks etc  whilst in Poland. Again I will update when I get all this sorted, so for now I am staying in a hotel which has been a great experience so far.

Anything you want to know about Bydgoszcz please ask, if I don't know I will try to find out for any of you.

So a week into being here in Bydgoszcz and here is an update:

Most of the locals that I have met so far speak very little English, some so far have refused to talk in English at all. Then there are others that talk a fair amount of English, and these people have been so nice and friendly and tried to help where I have asked questions.

So far I have only been to one place that has a billiards table, not pool or snooker so I shall keep looking.

I have subscribed to a gym, it has 24hr access like PureGym in the UK and costs around £12.50 a month.

If you have experience of Carrefour, that's here or Auchen is the one I use which is very similar. Take the idea of Asda/Tesco etc and apply this on a much larger scale and then put it in a shopping precinct will give you some idea as the supermarket is at the back, with lots of other shops in-between.

I have found an apartment close to work, this costs about £550 a month with basic bills included. Basic rent is £400 for a 3 bed 80m square apartment. I only have electric at the place I am renting but you can get gas in others. You can get short term leases (1 month) or longer ones upto a year.

Contracts etc are normally for 2 years for phones etc. However, unless your a Polish citizen this will be hard to get so go through your landlord etc if you intend to be here for a while. For me, a WiFi dongle is the answer and you can get pay as you go data sits cheap out here depending on the deals. 25Gb for the month is about 50zl so £12.50.

That's it for now, will keep posting and again any questions please ask.

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