Hi all,

Do any of you have experience in exploring Mauritius in a motorhome?

Kind regards

I didn't see any on the streets in Mauritius

Interesting question as motor homes seem a supercomfortable way to explore anywhere including Mauritius, especially the beaches and with family. They would surely provide added bonus with elderly or handicapped parents/family that mobility restrictions would seem to offer practical applications to help their days out. However, I've never seen one in Mauritius and imagine that because of the short times / distances to just about get anywhere here (within 2 hours on the longest journeys) means that one doesn't really need a motor home as such (can go and come all in a day and go back again I guess on the next).
I'm not sure if there are any restrictions to such vehicles in Mauritius? I can't imagine there are but if one did have a motor home with cooking units etc I guess they would need to conform to safety laws etc.
I'd love to have a large van size motor home but it's not something that's seen here.
Also whether it's permitted in law to stay overnight at a location is another item that might not be allowed (nor encouraged).
I'd also be interested to know if anyone knows anything more about this form of vehicle here.

Yip, seems it's not a done thing.  We were thinking of being gypsies for a couple of months but from what I've seen, proper camping sites don't really exist..... there goes our dream (ha, ha)

The island is so small you really don't need a motor home, anywhere you stay you'll be able to get back there in good time.

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