saudi data flow final report

I have a concern I finished my dataflow since last year. I have been emailing dataflow group. But their reply is always I need to go to the Saudi Council documentation department personally. Im not sure why I need to go personally when they can send it through email. Any comments or anyone had the same problem? Thanks in advance

my be they found something fake in there verification ........if you really did this once you approach the saudi council they will give you exit with ban... this is happened with on of my friend .....and yes what you send is right they will send data flow by male upon the request....

I have problem registering with the scfhs.  After data flow sent my completed report I went to do the registration with scfhs but they rejected my experience letter with the reason that it did not state my last date of employment with my former employer. I am a registered nurse diploma with a bachelor's degree in public health. Scfhs did not register my bachelors degree in public health with reason that the two are not related.
They rather demanded separate experience letter for my degree as well as my diploma in registered general nursing.
Did anyone experience such difficulties.

Why don't you contact your former employer ?
Scfhs did not register my bachelors degree in public health with reason that the two are not related  I don't get your point, it means you're exp and you're studying, both are not the same.

With our system back home there is no difficulty transitioning from one level to the other.  So my experience was written for both.  But scfhs wants them seperately

everything is true but the problem our hospital closed because of the typhoon. But they did not ask for any other documents

I also applied for Dataflow verification and last March it was completed but They didn't send me a copy of my final report. What does a completed status means and why are they not sending the final report copy? If there's some discrepancies in the documents submitted then it should be stated as "Negative" right? Thank you for those who will be able to reply

Hi may i know ho you were able to contact or email the dataflow group? Thank you.

Hello! I have the same concern..were you able to get a copy of your report?

Did you working in private hospital or by government (moh)..? i have same problem happens. my data flow report they did not send me yet.  but i finish my scfhs registration and they give me 3 year valid card license for working here. until now i didn't receive my outflow report and i dont know its result what positive or negative

U can get a verified report from the dataflow group within 48 hours of writing for hem if your verification process has been completed. U will require the verified report to renew your registration card in 3 years.

How are you able to finish scfhs registration without data flow.  I tot data flow is done prior registration. I completed my dataflow verification but since has not been able to Register with scfhs so I sit the licence exams.
I am really getting frustrated here. Could it be Bcos I am doing by myself without a sponsor. I don't mind even anyone can help me with a sponsor to complete the registration.

I have also the same experience , they said you have to go to SCFHS :/

before DATAFLOW team they are giving report to us, but now they stopped due some restrictions, we have to go to SCFHS, i rcvd email from them ur dataflow is completed successfully, and report will go to SCFHS, then we rcvd my saudi nursing licence and registration. but still not seen report
when i check with my friend they all same condition no report received email like your dataflow completed successfully, if anything show as incomplete then there will be some issues.

Hi to all,  im new in this forum and i read all your concerns with regards to data flow. My suggestion is; go and visit Saudi Council office as soon as possible and discuss with them your concerns. I have lots of nursing staffs who have the same concerns. Alhamdulillah all are settled as in 100%. Go and dont waste your time.

There's another thing about the verification of my coe before it says work in progress now it says discontinued? 😢 whats happening? I thought it will just indicate complete or incomplete

This may mean they are having problem with the verification of your documents. Email them and ask the necessary questions.  Wishing you all the best.

Hello Everyone,

Many useful FAQs are answered on the company's website.
And you can also ask your questions directly through their support link.


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