Baby stroller repair

Hi dear Forum Members,

I'd like to ask if anyone can recommend baby stroller repair service in Copenhagen. (Tyre related problem)

Thanks in advance, Betti

If you have bought it as a new one, do remember that you have two years warranty. If so, just go to the dealer.

I think that all dealers of strollers also have a repair service. Depending on the exact problem, a bicycle mechanic might be able to repair the tyre, too. (Unfortunately his holiday has just started, but I can see that he is online)

Grandma Nellie

It is a used one so the links are very useful. Thank you grandma Nellie and wish you a joyful summer with the little one.

Hi, you didn't mention where are you from, if you are in Australia then you must go for GB Pocket Stroller as it is good in price and the quality of the stroller is very nice. You can fold it easily and can carry it anywhere!


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