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This site is free. For a more intensive & complete series will cost very little.  I have no connection what so ever with it. I have almost 80 of the free lessons stored in my PC.  You will be amazed at the simplicity & ease with which you learn.     I am losing my sight, so please if you PM or e-mail me use a 12-14 point  bold font.     For those who remember:  "The Tuba " has farted once again.           Here is where to get the info.   ***

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I have been using Duolingo. It's been free.

Love Dulingo!

I use duolingo too.  They tell me I am 48 % fluent in Portuguese without ever having presented how to count to 10, nor any past tense, nor future tense.  But i do enjoy my daily lessons and have no need of using the language.  My Spanish is quite good, and I don't feel I need any lessons in it.

DingoElGringo, wish I could say the same. I'm working on it!

do you need help?

Possibly. For now I just have no time, but in two weeks I will be in my new home in the Dominican and will hopefully have all the time in the world!


Once you get to the DR,and just a word of warning No one says the Dominican. It is the Dominican Republic or DR or even RD as in Republica Dominicana, but once on island find some person to talk to in Spanish and pay them something to help you.  A girl of 12 or 15 would be fine.  Assuming you are not moving looking for a romance.
Dingo El Gringo

I am retiring!

DingoElGringo -  I thank you for the input.

Get out of your comfort zone and be around people who do not speak English. That works!

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