Is 27k per annum enough to live in Dublin ?


I just got a job offer and the salary would be 27k per annum. I calculated on and it seems the monthly salary would be 1932 euros. I also read that at the beginning, before I register in the Revenue Office (to go out from emergency tax) the tax would be higher than the 20% tax rate, therefore my salary would be lower.

Considering this, could you tell me if 27K per annum would be enough to live decently in Dublin ?

I don't want to move there and have to struggle with money.

Thanks for all your advices :)


It depends on where you want to live. Now I am not sure you can get a room for less than 800 in dublin. Maybe somewhere in the back end of dublin far from transport. Will you have a car? Public transport can be expensive on a monthly basis. You can survive on it providing you are on your own, no car and you don't expect to dine out every nite.

Not really. maybe if you share accommodation.

Hi Julaina,

You'll have to share accommodation with such salary and it won't be in the city center unless you're ok with spending half your wage on rent.

With such salary, forget about renting. Won't be worth it and it will empty your wallet too much so you won't get many occasions to go all out on week ends lol :D

Rather plan sharing outside the city centre like in D4, D7, D11, D15. Will probably cost you around 350-500 but with some luck it will be a lot nicer than anywhere in town because it will be quiet when you want to sleep (still do not understand the silly to be in town about that if their job is based that is clearly not a smart idea), may also benefit your own en-suite room as well. Besides that transport -wise it is not bad at all depending which area you will look for (can go as up to 8 bus per hour to go to town for some areas so is really not bad at all). Count about possibly a good hundred quid monthly on leap card. Still far better than paying 800 or 1200 for your own place that might not be necessarily better furnished, safe, clean and quiet.

You could probably save somewhat every month by choosing sharing over renting then who knows, might get promotion or find eventually a better paid job to seriously think about investing for an apartment or a house (to buy cause would still be cheaper monthly than renting lol).

Have a look on either or

Good luck.

Kind regards,

Portgas D. Ace

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