Not social at all 😬🤓

Hello. I think this social network is not social at all!! What do you think?!!!


what would you expect from the website then ?

To live up to the description it had given itself!! 🙄😉

I've used this site in Romania, Morocco, Ireland and here in Bahrain.
The people have been extremely helpful and friendly.

They may not all be up for meet ups but when it ones to advice and recommendations, everyone is awesome so I honest,y don't know what you are on about.

Again same reply!! Defensive! 😂

Answers like what do you expect!! Or what are you on about!! Are so suspicious lool.

Well, what do you expect from the site?
It's not for hook ups or like Facebook where you send friend requests ( like you have done and I'm sure other women have not responded either)
It's where people help you out.

You are going out of line now. Again defensive and shooting in all directions!! Respect yourself. The answer you or your colleague should have focused on is what opportunities are to grow the site. Not turn this into a low class shallow discussion. I guess you are at a different level!

Kindly enlighten us on how we can do better, your feedback would be much appreciated.

logicalindian :

Kindly enlighten us on how we can do better, you feedback would be much appreciated.

And we would be very happy to help ;)

Any feedback, idea or suggestion will always be welcome

Hmm, I wouldn't say it doesn't meet the expectations.
There are different website for different purposes. If you want real life meetings go to meetup or join internations.

This one has been really great to find out information about the life in Bahrain.
It helped me prepare for my driving test and learn about costs of living.

Thanks for the folks, who keep it running!

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