Is it possible to get a work visa if CIMA qualified

We (husband, me and children) are trying to move to doha. We have schools etc already confirmed and the job in place.
However we have now hit a huge stumbling block... my husband is CIMA (chartered institute of management accountants) qualified. He does not have a degree. The qualification is the same level as a masters degree. Our PRO have said this will not be accepted as he needs a degree. Is thai really right? It was distance learning or part time. They have said he can come but cannot bring us.
Any advice on what we can do? We have a letter confirming it was not distance learning and it is equivalent to a masters degree but I feel as though our PRO aren't really helping us.

Hi Swilson,

I was a Associate member of CIMA when i was working in Qatar (from 2014 to 2016). Qatar embassy accepted the certificate. I heard they have changed the rules now. for CIMA you must attest the certificate from london qatar embassy. Attest the cima certificate from London. It would be easy for u since u are from england. Once u reach doha u must attest the CIMA certificate in the foriegn ministry. So this will help ur husband to  apply for family visa. No need any letter. Just get attested from emabssy in London. Things will be ok.


We have just had a response my husbands company confirming the following...

PRO company confirms that your certificate is supported by the Supreme Educational Council. However, it could not be utilized as an educational certificate by the Qatar immigration as the CFO/Manager position will only require a higher education certificate or a bachelor's degree.

I understand this to mean that he cannot get the visa he needs for the job and therefore we cannot come. It's crazy as the qualification he has is above a bachelors degree.

I understand completely abou it... In gulf they are not considering Professional qualifications as a bachelor degree. In-fact CIMA/ACCA or any other professional courses are recognized  well other parts of the country than a normal degree. Try responding them by saying certificate can be attested at CIMA office in London and Embassy of Qatar in London. Maybe this will workout.  Have seen people doesnt have any professional qualification and only having bachelor degree holding much higher position. This is insane in-fact. Try again. If this doesnt work sorry about that. Let him follow an MBA and reapply for a position. You will be paid handsomely in Qatar. There has to be a way out. 

Good luck.

Thanks for your help. We have already said that we can get them attested and with letters confirming it is equivalent to a masters but still the answer is no. There must be a way round it, we just have to find out what it is!

I have few friends who cmpleted CIMA and working in Qatar, Residing with family. Ill try to get some information which will help u an ur husband.


Thank you, that would be a great help. I'm not sure if it's the role of the new job that seems to be the issue. He will be a CFO. It's crazy that he could have a degree in any subject but that would tick the box! i don't really see how immigration can say whether he is qualified for the job or not- surely it's the company to take that risk. He has been working for the company for over 10 years.

Very true. They have started this because to filter the candidates. There were so many fake degrees and certificate in the past. Doctors with fake certificates an all. People worked without any major qualifications in the past. Sadly governing body should understand professional certificate is well above a degree. Ill let u know Swilson38.


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