Building a small hotel in the ski resorts

I am wondering how easy or not easy it is for a foreigner to build a small hotel and do business in one of the ski resorts? Is it still controlled by "groups" well known in Bulgaria?

Let's just say I would not bother

Thank you, that says it all.

Hmmmm .... this is a difficult question. Why ?

because ski areas are many and it is hard to build only very close to the ski tracks. All other areas - small towns and villages around actually are quite full of hundreds of small family hotels and they live perfectly there,

Yes GROUPS exost, but they do not controll things at this level, if you consider building a big hotel, in the middle of a popular ski resor then you will have to work with them. Otherwise - no.

Also, you can consider buying one. This could be a better solution in some cases.

Thanks a million for all your replies. Though we have been to Bulgaria numerous times, we will explore the option of  this new venture further when we are out there for New Year.

0 chance if you are not mob-related, unfortunately.

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