Looking for Feedback on Real Estate Office

Hi all, Has anyone dealt with, has experience with or heard of good or bad things about Coldewell Banker Amber Coast Realty? I am looking at possibly using their services but would like to hear feedback if possible? Thank you

I have had no dealings at all so I am no help, sorry.

They are a reputable company here in Sosua. They do lose some listings however because of their high commission rates. So if you use them make sure you check other agencies (Century 21 and ReMax) as they will have properties listed that Caldwell banker does not have.

Bob K

Thanks Bob! Does a buyer have to pay the realtor commission fees too or just the seller?

Just the seller. That is why many who list do not use them as they can get exposure elsewhere at a lower cost to them.

Bob K

Makes sense. Thanks again for your input. Much appreciated!

You are welcome and good luck in your search.  Let me know if you have other questions.

Bob K

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