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I am looking for living and working in mauritus. Currently I am in mauritus on a tourist visa. I am from software background. Would like to know my options to live and work here. Appreciate it.

I am looking for immigration agents / visa services who can help me with the residence / occuptation permit.


Dear Rajsag

What are you exactly looking to : business creation, employment?

As a professional. I have 12+ years of working experience in software field as developer/team lead.

Looking to live and work - visa/professional. I would like to convert my tourist visa to residence/occupation permit. I am a software professional.

Your tourist visa cannot be converted into work / occupation permit.

You will first have to find a suitable offer from a local employer. Then move out of the country and re-enter in Business visa if applying for Occupation permit (salary minimum MUR30,000/moth for IT professionals). If salary lower than that, then you would need to apply for work / residence permit. For this, you are not allowed to be Mauritius.

Hi Nadeem,

The below web link says anyone can land n tourist visa and apply for occupation visa and tourist visa will be converted to business visa with BOI.. please check... appreciate it..,9016,9019

"Hi Manab

WEll, you can come on a business visa or a tourist visa which will be transformed to business once you are registered at the Board of Investment. Now for medicals, you have to repeat X-Ray and HIV, right? You can do this at any clinic and then submit all reports to the Board of Investment. "

You're reading a post dated 2008... the rules have changed !
And I am the same Nadeem who was contributing there.

We've relocated here a year ago.
I'm software engineer.
The only option I see is to find the company who is interested in hiring you.
Then they will apply for your occupation permit when you come back here and receive business visa upon arrival.
To receive it you will need a letter and some documents from your employer stating that you are moving to the country to apply for occupation permit.

ok appreciate it..

In IT sector, it is good to mention, the basic monthly salary should be a minimum of MUR30,000. I have positions open for developers / leads, if you wish send me your CV or I can arrange for an interview if you are in Mauritius.

We have several nationalities in our team: Belgian, Polish, Argentinian, Indians, Nigerian, etc.  I'm sure we can accommodate another expat if you have what we are looking for.

shall contact you later... appreciate it.

Hi Nadeem. Do you know who are the Recruitment agents for Graphic Designers in MU?

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