Looking for foreign friends in Dhaka

I'm Vietnamese who is living in Dhaka. It's kind of bored sometimes. Looking for some friends to hang out and share the experience here...


Good afternoon.

I am interested to be your friend here in Dhaka any way.

Thanks in advance.

Call me ***

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       how are you?I am sohel.I am interested to be your friend.This is my contact number:***

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I'm Rene
It's my pleasure to be your friend in Dhaka.
Me too, Looking for a good friend

:) Hi ! Good day ! are you still in Dhaka? If yes, then if you like we can have coffee together. anyway, which part of Vietnam are you from? I am an Ex Officer-in-Charge in US NIV Centre at Saimon Centre, Gulshan, Dhaka. Now I am doing my own business. So, Probably I can make myself trustworthy of any person's friendship. however, I have many foreign friends here and abroad. Even one of my ex-colleague is well known in Vietnam Embassy in Dhaka. Sorry for long introduction yet it is necessary. Anyway, if you feel free we can have great time together and I can show you beautiful places here in Dhaka city. Thanks in advance. Take care.

"Bored"  I was too, Hi from Australia.
Join some clubs like; Australian club, German club in Gulshan you can make friend easily. Ones you are in, it is safe and will find your interest of people.

Hey, Where you staying in Dhaka?

Hello friend,how are you?how can i get the membership?
please response me.

Hey ng. I don’t really live in Dhaka but visit every month for business. Let me know if you wanna be friends.

Hi...I'm in gulsan.And spending a free time.You can join me!

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