Making a futsal team


My name is Seiya. I am Japanese and lived abroad for about 8 years. Now I am back in Japan and trying to make a serious futsal team in Tokyo. I want my team to be international. Because I work for a start up company and I work with foreigners on a daily basis so I need to do more networking to connect with people.
I said a serous futsal team because eventually I want to play in some league in Tokyo and play competitively.

If you are interested please send me a message here

Looking forward to hearing back from you guys.

Hi Seiya,

I hope you are well ; you should also post in the Tokyo classifieds section > sports partners ;)

All the best,


Hi Julien,

Thank you so much for the advice.

Since I am new here, I didn't really know the right place to post this.

Appreciate it.

Hope you have a great weekend.


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